Thursday, March 18, 2010

How did I get here?

Have you arrived somewhere and thought, "how did I get here?" Have you ever blanked out while driving? Zoned out?
That's where I am now.

Someone gave me a letter I wrote a couple months back. I don't remember writing it. I looked at some assessments I wrote at work. Don't recall putting my name on those. I looked at blogs I posted. Don't know who that girl was writing that.

Uh oh. what if I don't remember this? How long will this zoned out thing last?


Brittany said...

HATE that feeling!!! Super creepy!

Mel said...


There IS hope. It just takes a long time. It's not linear. At first, each day is something different. In time, you learn to recognize the bad days and that makes them less scary. I'm sure you already know a lot of that.

You will love again... so will I... we've got to have hope! Or, at least when we lose hope, we have each other.

I had the feeling that I was stuck in a parallel life. I spent days and dreams trying to get myself back to the real one. It was painful and frustrating. It took me a very long time to believe that this is real. Sometimes, I still don't.

Much love & thanks for checking in!
I started following your blog awhile back :)


Supa Dupa Fresh said...

I know the feeling well.