Thursday, April 29, 2010


I have been having the same nightmare for the past 2 weeks or so. Remember I am a crazy sleeper; sleep walk, sleep talk, take showers in my sleep...crazy.

This dream haunts me and it takes me about an hour to actually realize it was only a dream after I wake up. My brain just won't let me wrap my mind around it.

In this dream, I have either buried someone or hid them. Apparently I did it after the funeral and suddenly I am remembering I did it 20 months later. I can never remember who I hid and where I hid them. It's either a child or a friend, but my mind won't let me remember. I just know I put them somewhere and forgot. In the dream I blame my grief for being so forgetful and am also kind of scared to go find this person because I think they must be dead by now, since I have left them for so long. In one dream, the person came back while I was sleeping and was all skeletal. I was crying in my sleep, saying "thank God you found me", but was also scared.

After I wake up it takes me so long to realize it was a dream. I really think I have forgotten someone and left them somewhere. My body is usually shaking and I'm near tears.

What does it mean? What have I forgotten?

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womanNshadows said...

i remember reading that a lot of the time dreams stem from being over-wrought. they do not have to mean anything deep or profound. i pray you find peace in your dreams. i hope you keep talking about them, bring them out into the light. do not leave them or your worries in the dark. oft times in talking about what worries us, we can make it get smaller and smaller until it completely disappears.