Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Some excerpts from HeeJun's journals.


"As I am lying here on the beach at night admiring God and all He is, I will never forget the way I experienced God tonight. God showed himself to me so vividly and so much things at once I can't even recall it all I almost came to tears by the power of his Love. He loves me unfathomable. I never knew how people could say I would lay my life down but I realize today that he is my all and that I will lay down everything for him. I want to stay there inside the veil of his arm at his feet praising him and not go back into the world. How amazing is my Savior".

" God has answered every prayer that I had. Funny. God is more faithful to me that I am to myself. What do I have to fear. God is in control and has a plan for my future, my job, my wife, my friends. Man he has a plan for it and it is much greater than my own. i can not think of one incident where You have let me down not one. bc you are so good to me so good. You are my King you are my Lord. You are in control God. Point the way and I will go without question. i live for eternity...God is my hope his unfailing love is my hope"

Journal to Me-10/13/02
Look at how perfect is our God. Look where he has brought us. No matter what, do it to be more like Christ. 10 years from now we will look back and say wow how good God is. He calls us to be Holy and righteous. I will fight for that bc he has so much for those who live according to His purpose.

You have made me who I am today don't ever think otherwise. You were an instrument of God in my life. Erica Andrews I love you more than anything in this world. How I love to be able to tell you that. To wake up next to you, to spend our lives together, to grow old together to raise kids together. How perefct my wife is. A person can have all the perfect traits but if she doesnt love God, than nothing. take big steps for Him, Erica bc he is faithful. Go deep in Him. I love you."

October 31st, 2002
Erica, from the day of Ms. Gaults English class to many dances in HS through many years of long relationships to both of us coming to Christ and fighting to walk the walk and have him as our first to this moment today. What can I say but all the glory be to Lord Jesus...Would you walk this journey of life with me until God takes us to an infinitely better place?"

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Emily said...

"...walk this journey of life with me until God takes us to an infinitely better place...". He is there waiting for you.