Sunday, November 8, 2009

New Things

I tried to do something new or fun every night this week- went outside my comfort zone. The poor pups didn't get a walk at all this week, since I rolled into the house late every night.

Monday- Small group with singles

Tuesday- Charlotte One (loved it, but hated being alone, )

Wednesday- Zumba

Thursday-Coffee with an encouraging friend

Friday- Bobcats Basketball Game
Saturday- Widows Wear Stillettos Picnic in the Park

I love doing these things, but I hate them at the the same time. I hate that I have to be in a singles Bible Study now., but I love the people in it. I hate that I get to go to Charlotte One, but I love being there. I wish HeeJun was there to join me on the coffee dates (although, he would have never gone), I wish HeeJun was there at the Bobcats game. I wish HeeJ had enjoyed the picnic or met the incredible ladies in the group. But these things have come into my life, because he is not there. So, it's a vicious cycle, right?


Anonymous said...

I'm proud of you.

Jessie said...

What did you think of Zumba? Pretty fun huh?

Lauren said...

I love Zumba! I echo Andrea- I am so proud of you!