Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A World Opened

One of the best things I did for myself after HeeJun passed was calling Amanda B and asking her to show me how to blog. At first, I only wrote to get my feelings out, to process my grief. Thn I starting finding other widow bloggers. Bloggers who understood the pain. Women who understood the ache. Women who got the loneliness. Who were moving forward. Reading their posts reminded me that I was not alone. I am not the only young widow out there. They reminded me that there is hope. They reminded me that sometimes it's ok to just have a goal to at least take a shower today. And if I don't reach that goal, it's ok. They reminded me it's ok to laugh. And to scream. And to sob hysterically at the butcher who just told you to have a great day.

Blogging opened a whole world to me.


Jennifer M Karn said...

I went to Sam's Club yesterday. As I checked out, the cashier said, "Now, you have a great day." Yesterday was the two year anniversary of Kevin's death. Her simple, kind words cut right through me.

Hugs to you today.

Jamie said...

Everytime someone asks "How are you today?" I want to scream. Up until last week, I've responded, "Fine". Now I just say "Sh!**y!" Maybe I'll be nicer next week, but sometimes I just get tired of trying to hold it together so no one else has to feel bad.

Amanda said...

I'm glad you blog! Amanda B!

Mrs P said...

Thank you for linking to all these widow blogs. It has helped me so much to meet others on this journey.