Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Stage 3 and counting

So, maybe, just maybe I am in the "resentment and anger" stage of grief. Geez. I called three pregnant women bi-otches this week and flipped out on some co-workers for being lazy. The pregnant thing I am sorry for. It just comes from my resentment, but really I am happy for my friends. I just wish it was me. It should have been me.

The co-worker thing still bugs me. Seriously, if I can get up and dance and pretend to be happy for these kids, your lazy butt can get out of that chair and dance! I can barely roll out of bed in the morning. No excuses, play like a champion!

I want to heal from this anger. So, I am going to post and look through and devour my gazillion Alaska pictures. July 25- August 1st , HeeJun and I went on the best most wonderful vacation ever. We went on an Alaskan Cruise. It was amazing. HeeJun wanted to visit Alaska for a long time and one day he came home stressed out from work, and said "today we are planning our trip". It can not tell you how incredible it is to stand next to a Glacier or to watch the ice crash into the sea with such thunderous roars! All the wildlife, the fun times on the ship, the delicious seafood, the crabs, the dog was amazing. We had so much fun. Oh, what I would give to be back there...

Denied at the Airport because we had luggage to check. I love HeeJun's face!

Finally in Seattle the next day. We missed the boat, but we flew to Junea Alaska.

In Juneau and COLD!!!!Yes, those are snow covered mountains behind me!
Mendenhall Glacier!
Dog Sledding! We got to ride in front!
Chilly on Glacier Bay! Enjoying the view!
Why, yes that is a glacier out our window...
Catching crabs in Ketchikan

Kayaking in Sitka Three eagles caught a salmon and ate in right in front of us! HeeJun loved eating the crabs we caught! Fancy dinner at the Pinnacle on the boat!

The last picture I have of HeeJun...planning his trip and relaxed.


Jessie said...

thinking about you...

The Barbee Family said...

beautiful pictures to represent a beautiful time, we are praying for you....