Sunday, November 30, 2008

Turkey Day

Thanksgiving was also my mom's birthday. We actually had turkey and mashed potatoes and all birthday cake. Man, was it tough to pull through that one. I think we all were just trying to get through it. I did not want HeeJun's name mentioned or any memories to be recalled. Because if he was on my mind, then I would have to remember how much he loved loved loved Thanksgiving with his family. He loved eating good food. His mom always went all out; ham and turkey, every side dish you can imagine, three pies. Food is love. He would test out every dish and walk in while we were cooking to complain about how long it was taking or how things tasted. He was very particular about the food and could remember exactly how items tasted last year. Remember the year Bomi put sugar in the mashed potatoes? Or the year the green bean casserole was more like a soup? HeeJun loved Thanksgiving.

If I had to think about him this year, I would have to remember that the pace I was sitting at the table, was where the trooper sat when he was calling my mom. I would have to remember that last year we went to Lowe's and got a Christmas tree the day after Christmas. I would have to remember that HeeJun never did the dishes. I would remember that we always went over to my parents house after dinner and had another meal with birthday cake. HeeJun could always eat twice. The memories would come rushing in. When I let myself remember, every little thing has a Juna memory attached. I would remember that this Thanksgiving was different.


Amanda said...

Thanks for the anniversary well wishes. I know Matt missed his phone call attempt to get together - Heejun without a plan and Matt's need for one (I think I've converted him from over booking to needing a specific schedule), even though we'd know it would be virtually impossible unless you guys came to us. You, Heejun and the whole family have been in my thoughts a lot lately. I guess it's just the season of the year we'd see you most! Take care girly! We must get together over the holidays.

Tara said...

Thanksgiving was sooo hard on our family, too. We miss Jason so terribly. But, just know that you can do can keep going...even when you feel like you can't. I admire the fact that you get out of bed everyday...and you still BELIEVE. You are in my thoughts and prayers...