Monday, November 17, 2008

You are always on my mind...(sing it)

I have been thinking these past few months of some cliched "beliefs" I had before all this that I'm not quite sure were true. Things that I used to say all the time, but when really put to the test, aren't Biblical or true.

Ex. 1: Everything happens for a reason. How many times have I said this or heard it? What about those things that there are no rhyme or reason for? I do not believe there was a reason for HeeJun's death. (ugh. still cringe when i say that word) Of course, there was HeeJun's free will to get on his motorcycle and ride, and there was the physical reason and medical reason for the tradegy. But I don't think God had a reason for doing this. I can not believe that the God who loves, cares, and died for me, would plan such a thing for a reason. I DO believe He will use HeeJun's death for a purpose, and He will work it out for "the good" (still wrestling with that one), but He did not do itin order for certain things to happen. There is a difference, I think. I hope.

Ex. 2: If you are obediant to Christ, everything will work out. I never said these exact words, but I know it has crossed my mind. I even kinda heard these words in church this Sunday. Ihave heard that before you accept Christ, you are miserable and after you accept Christ, everything will be better. Bologna. I even heard people say that the reason bad things happen are because people aren't being obediant to Christ. Oh my. I can not believe that is true. When I heard these things, I wanted to scream "What about me? I was obediant. I trusted Chrisit! I do accept Christ! But I am miserable now. Bad things are happening!" I feel bad for the people who are swayed to accept Christ because they think everything will be roses and rainbows. God does not promise that. Actually, the Bible speaks ALOT about trials and bad things happening to even the most righteous of followers. But through all those times, the God promises He is there. He will carry me and those who believe during this time. He will comfort us and mourn with us. He will weep with me. He will love me. He will not leave me. Always.

Ex. 3: We will all see HeeJun again. I believe and HeeJun believed the only way to Heaven is through Jesus Christ. Gots to know and have a relationship with Christ, man. To quote HeeJun, "Dude, you need Jesus".

This article was in the Charlotte Observer this Sunday.


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TerryKM said...

I really like #2.

I really hate the whole "Jesus is a life-enhancer" ploy. Does Jesus make our life better? Absolutely! Are we promised we'll be kept out of harms way? Absolutely not!

People are told to follow Christ and be obedient for so many wrong reasons.

chels said...

i stumbled across your blog through another blog. i was in a car accident 7 years ago and watched my sister die. i have never felt like anyone truly understands any of the thoughts or emotions i've had slightly until i read some of your entries. i struggle with so many of the things you do. but i really just wanted to say thank you, your words have helped me so much. i am terribly sorry for your loss and cannot fathom what you are feeling because a sister & a husband are two entirely different things. just know that you gave me Hope today. God Bless you and you'll be in my prayers.