Sunday, June 14, 2009

The great search for Passports and D.O

Ahhh!! I can't find my passport. Last time I saw it was on our trip to Alaska last year. In my absolute demolishing of my house looking for it, I found HeeJun's deodorant. The suitcase I found it in smelled like him. great. curse.

I also realized that I can't find the ring that my mother in law gave me when I was pregnant and I can't find the piece of paper where I wrote down exactly what happened that day before HeeJun's accident. I thought they were all in specific spots, but while looking for my passport, I realized they weren't were I thought they were.

So, I started praying, "Lord, please let me find my passport if it is in Your will". Then, I thought "well, hold up, why would it be in Your will for me to find my measly little passport, when it wasn't even in Your will for me to grow old with my husband. Why would You care?" Then, I thought maybe He doesn't want me to go to Canada. Maybe a nuclear warhead is going to hit Canada and He wants me to stay...then, my dad called and had me go through every file folder (all 99 of them) with him on the phone and I JUST FOUND IT!!! Yay!!!!


womanNshadows said...

i'm smiling because i have this vision of you tearing the house apart. i've done that. want to find something and go into a panic. i couldn't find my Carl's wallet the other day. i flipped out. did it get lost in the move? i'm always so careful. it has his driver's license (his photo makes him look like a terrorist), all the little cards and slips of paper - like a grocery list i wrote for him to take 3 days before he died. my handwriting but his little tic marks as he'd put everything in the basket. anyway, i found it and i cried. such relief.

when are you planning to go to Canada, and what part? i lived in New England for 24 years and never made it to Canada.

Brittany said...

So. Frustrating.

I often pray for the Lord to direct me when I have misplaced something. More times than not, it works! :)

I'm so happy you found your passport.
The other stuff will show up in time. Chances are you moved it during immense grief, and your memory is foggy.

Congrats on your award!
To answer your question, I'm not sure how they get started, but bloggers receive them, and pass them on. Fun!

FYI: I am starting a Christian based boot camp on Monday. I'm scared as hell (more on that later). Please pray I can keep up. I am so overweight and out of shape... It's embarrassing.

The Widower Dad said...

It's the little daily miracles that allow us to see Him and build that relationship.

Sometimes it's such a white knuckle ride and I feel as if I'm loosing my grip...but the vision of you rummaging through all those folders while on the phone was a bit funny. You probably didn't think so at the time...but it's a visual for sure; it was a nice chuckle. Not at your expense, but in being reminded of my own in house scavenger hunts. Enjoy your trip, I was in Mississaugua about this time of year was beautiful.

Julie said...

Go get yourself a firesafe lockbox for your passport and social security card and anything else that you feel is valuable. That way you will never lose it.