Monday, June 15, 2009

The passport lesson

I think there was a lesson to be learned in the search for the passport.

My passport was in the place I knew it was the whole time. I knew it was there, and it was always there. It didn't move. I moved. I went away from it looking for it somewhere else. It was right there the whole time, waiting for me to see it.

God is in the place I know He is always. I know He's there, and He is always there. He didn't move. I moved. I went away from Him looking for Him somewhere else. He was right there the whole time, waiting for me to see Him.

read this today and thought it rang true;
" I must learn to; open bottles, move the furniture, open the stuck windows, go home alone, investigate the noise in the night, eat alone, make decisions alone, handle money alone, go on trips alone, fight with service companies alone, be sick alone, sleep alone, sing alone. " _Sonia O'Sullivan

But ahh, I know I am not Alone, alone. It's just in those moments of loneliness, that I forget He is right there.


womanNshadows said...

i saw your comment and i would love to walk Juneau with you. my dogs are terriers and so territorial, no pun intended, but i could walk with you and Juneau. my dogs wouldn't have to know about it.

and i felt a rightness to what i'm doing when i saw your face; as if i can turn all that we feel and suffer into a lasting, tangible comfort. show what they mean to us with a soft memory we can hold.

daniela said...

Very nice said, is true!Have a good trip and may the Lord watch over you!

Amanda said...

HeeJun would be proud of you! Great post.

Amy Eudy said...

you are brilliant friend, i love this post. love you too!