Sunday, September 27, 2009

A quilt

This deserved a post all on its own.

My dear, wonderful, lovely best friend from childhood (next door neighbor since I was 5) made me a quilt. I vaguely remember mailing some of HeeJun's shirts to her with a "could you try to make something with these?" request.

She delivered the quilt to me the day of her baby shower. It was a day to celebrate her and her baby, but she walked home from the shower with me and gave me the quilt. My Sarah is pretty fantastic, huh? I can not express how much it means. I was already pretty emotional from the shower and seeing some old friends, but when I saw that quilt, that t-shirt, that pocket, i couldn't hold back the tears. thank goodness for comedy. we took silly pictures with it as a cape!

So, now i will have two uniquely different "capes". One from a friend who knows me best, one from a friend who knows this pain best.


Brittany said...

That is such a wonderful way to remember HeeJ. And, it is even more special knowing that it was created by loving friends.
I know you will feel warm and loved every time you cuddled in it. :)

Amy E. said...

oh beautiful doesn't even begin to describe how amazing and special that quilt is. i'm so thankful God has surrounded you with such great friends. thanks for sharing it with us... i've missed your posts- glad you're back friend!

stambaughfamily said...

I'm so glad you put a picture up of the quilt-it's beautiful! What a treasure to have!

Julie and Jim Acuna said...

Thats an awesome quilt. She did a great job. Now you'll have to keep the pups away from it (and the other one!)