Monday, May 31, 2010


"Because humor brings us back to earth, it helps us to use well what is left to us even when we are keenly aware of what we have lost or been denied. Only those who know how to weep can also laugh heartily."-Kathleen R. Fischer

I laugh at my parents' dogs!

I laugh as my family plays Wii!

I laugh at roller derby!

I laughed at 6 dogs in my house!
I laugh often at work. Let me give you an example. Perhaps, you need some laughter today, too.

One of the classrooms made a list of the language used in their classroom. They call it Cub-bonics, since their kids are the Cubs.

Wook! he frew the ball at me free times.

needer my brudder or my stister or my mudder brokedid or cussdid. are you insturated or do you anore me?
Let's eat wallamellon or wash tb wis ms stuperstar darmarow.

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