Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ocho De Mayo Fiesta

These days it's hard to find a neighborhood where everyone knows each other, takes care of each other, walks into other houses without knocking, kids running from one house to another, and everyone has fun together. People talk about growing up in that kind of neighborhood and missing that experience. Well, I live in that kind of neighborhood.

My next door neighbors and I decided to host a Block Party this weekend. It was a fun way to introduce Brittany to the neighbors and get everyone together. We were also challenged to throw a better party than the one down the street!

Moorea loves being the center of attention!

Moe's delivered- a little early, but the food was good! Delivery guy, Preston, said the party wouldn't last too long, since it was so hot. Wrong! The last neighbor didn't leave 'til 1:30am!
Pinata fun! Corn Hole!

Once thing I have learned about myself through all this grieving and loss stuff, is that I really like be around people. I like to party! I know, who am I?! HeeJun never really liked the social scene. He would have rather been at home watching a movie, or riding his motorcycle with friends. And I just liked spending time with him. But now, I'm learning that I enjoy these kinds of things. HeeJun would have hated it. I love it!

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