Monday, December 29, 2008

4 barking dogs, 3 duck hunters, 2 long hikes and one grieving wife

This Christmas many wonderful and fun things happened. Things I would have loved last year. This year all those wonderful things seemed to be blanketed by my sadness. It really was like this dark cloud was sucking all the life out of everything. My mind kept racing with just HeeJun's name, or I wish HeeJun was here, or gasps that I CAN NOT ACCEPT AND BELIEVE THIS IS REAL. Ugh. It sucked for my poor family. And probably for my friends. Even when talking to them it is like having to talk through cement, things just don't come out quickly. I used to not be like this. I feel bad for the people I have met during this time. I'm a totally different person going through all this. But, some good things did happen, that I do want to remember. I started to look back on things that happened in August and I literally can't remember them. Weird what numbness will do.

I went to Raleigh on the 22nd and got to visit my sweet God-daughter and her wonderful family, my fun and adorable cousins, recuperating Jacquie and my in-"love" family. (Thanks to April for sharing that term with me!) Caedmon and Sav are so cute. I just wanted to give them everything. I could give Caed a piece of scrap paper and he would light up, "wow! I love this!" It warms my heart. I got to have a sleep-over with my 6 year old cousin, who is brilliant and so fun. She woke me up in the morning at 6:45am with "Wake up. It's a brand new day!"

Snuggle Time with the Cousins!
Iain hiding his presents from his siblings!

Baby Eric-go, baby go!
The E- team; Eric and Erica!

My parents, Gabby the dog, Juneau the dog and I drove the 10 hours to Gunterville, Alabama for Christmas. We stayed in a cabin on the lake. We got to wake up to the sweet sound of shotguns since it was duck season. We ate at the beautiul State Park Lodge and went on long hikes. Brittany met us there since she only lives about an hour away. She brought her crazy dogs. Poor Kimba had to stay by her side most of the time because she didn't play well with others. We got stuck in a rain storm, and we got "lost" on a hike and ended up having to go up this incredibly steep hill. We watched lots of movies, ate Honey Baked Ham, and enjoyed spending time with each other. If only HeeJun was there...
Funk or Fu*%?

Juneau was ready to go!


Anonymous said...

That is a great title. I think you should collect these little stories and tidbits and eventually make a book, even if it's just for yourself.

Thanks for sharing!

The Mehaffie's said...

Sounds like a good time. Luke and I prayed for you to have a great Christmas! I'm glad you were surrounded by many loving people.

Radez Family said...

I'm glad you got to get away for Christmas with your family! It looks like Juneau had a blast too! Love you:)