Sunday, May 3, 2009

6 Years Ago Today

6 years ago today.

I was laughing at myself in the traditional Korean wedding dress.

I was worried that my dress didn't fit.

I couldn't wait for those doors to open. I wanted to run down the aisle. HeeJun was smiling so big!

I was nervous about kissing HeeJun for the first time in a months, (for some stupid reason , waiting was a big deal then...ah, young love.) I just stood there waiting for him to kiss me.

I listened the the preacher read my email to him saying, "we want this wedding to be a reflection of Christ's love. We want the Gospel to be heard and the focus to be on Christ, not on ourselves".

I wished we had danced more. Or started breaking it down to Vanilla Ice or Naughty By Nature!

i loved our wedding. i loved planning the whole thing. HeeJ didn't want me to "lose my focus on Christ (blah, blah blah) and didn't want me to become all consumed with the wedding. Too late. I cried on the way to our honeymoon because it was over. i felt like i didn' t have enough time to enjoy every one. I wish someone had jumped in the pool.
But then I saw Bora Bora, and stopped missing the wedding. Here comes the HONEYMOON!!

We didn't even have 6 years to be married. i heard someone at work the other day say they were celebrating their ten year anniversary this weekend. i thought, "i can't wait to celebrate our 10 year, maybe we'll go back to Bora Bora"...then I remembered.

6 years ago today. i had no idea. everything was so hopeful and fresh and exciting.


Amanda said...

Happy Anniversary Erica. We love you!
PS. Matt gave the worst best man toast too!

daniela said...

Gosh.....this is so hard,I know!I am so glad you posted those pictures.It was emotional to read your blog today....what can I say,friend....hope your day brought at least one smile on your face!
Love you,

Brittany said...

You were a stunning bride, and you and HeeJ are a gorgeous couple!

I always want someone to acknowledge my anniversary. It sometimes feels like people are hesitant to mention it (as if I'm not already thinking about it!). It was a marriage. It happened. It was wonderful. And, I know yours was too.

So, new friend... Happy Anniversary.

Anonymous said...

That was beautiful in one of those heart-wrenching-wish-it-weren't sorts of ways. I am glad you were surrounded by friends and am continuously praying for you.

Amy E. said...

what beautiful pictures. i couldn't help but thinking that the sting of death couldn't take away from your beautiful marriage... it seemed so full of life and joy. i do celebrate the years you had with Heejun and that in those short years you were able to love each other so deeply and so well. i have no doubt that God was glorified on your wedding day, in the years you spent together, and most certainly still in your love for Heejun today. i hope that the pain you feel will also be accompanied by some joy because of the love you guys shared. love you girl

womanNshadows said...

what God has joined.

i empathize with your pain. i endured anniversary of sorts alone yesterday and all night myself. my wedding anniversary, too, is coming up. i know i will be facing it alone since it falls on a workday and my daughter will have to work. and i'll experience that tidal wave that threatens to drown - again.

i'm going to try to remember that phrase, "what God has joined." God grieves and knows we must. i believe it anyway. He is our father. but what He has joined, even death will not conquer. love. intangible yet the single most power thing in the universe. it cannot be destroyed by something as cowardly as death that has to sneak around and steal from us.

your photos are beautiful. i can see his smile as you were walking down the aisle. you were joined by your love and by God. nothing will end that.