Saturday, May 16, 2009


Some time last week, I had to go through one of the many file folders that my parents and I made during those first few months. Files for the health insurance, files for life insurance, files for the funeral, files for the cemetery, files for the mortgage, files for the bills...There was a to-do list attached to every file. I sat there and could not remember doing any of those things. Vaguely remember calling people to tell them to switch my name or change the title. How the heck did I do all that? How the heck did my parents and I figure that out? I wish I had known...
  • Write down the passwords to your personal email and accounts. Inform your spouse where that paper is located.
  • Note location of Birth Certificate, Social Security Card, Marriage Certificates, Life Insurance Policies, Health Insurance Policies, Bank Documents, Safety Deposit Boxes, List of all banks and account numbers, automobile policies.
  • Telephone Numbers of contacts for employer.
  • Be informed of all the bills even if you aren't the spouse that pays them.
  • Make a Will
  • Get Life Insurance
  • Hug and kiss every chance you get.
  • Say I love you every chance you get.

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Brittany said...

Great list!
I wish I had been that prepared when my husband passed. That would have been helpful; however, like you, I don't remember doing most of it.

I do remember the horrible Social Security lady. :(