Saturday, October 31, 2009

I know, I'm so judgemental...

I visited a new grief group on Wednesday closer to my house.

I realized immediately how "blessed" i have been with the widows group i joined.

this group sucked.

workbooks and a video. "God is good" niave crap talk. "Oh, just read your Bible" answers. People who were just hiding what they really felt. One woman was super doped up and couldn't stop talking. The leader told a man who just lost his wife 3 weeks ago to cancer, "after my kids died, I prayed God would give me cancer". The leader said that to him!! discernment, much? (we've all thought it, but you don't say it...)

We watched the video, said "that was good", offered stupid prayer requests (really, prayer requests?!! Like, "oh my great aunt miffy's dog is sick" requests!), hugged, then left.

Man, I have been lucky with the group I am in. I actually felt bad for the other people in this group who didn't know that there are groups that offer real support, real understanding, and real comfort.

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