Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Divide

Something has been weighing on my heart lately.

In college I was in a bubble. The Christian bubble. Even while married, HeeJ and I were in this bubble.

Now I'm outside that bubble a bit. Oh, don't get me wrong. I love me some JESUS! What I mean is, I have been "adopted" by some awesome friends who aren't in this bubble. What I find very sad and discouraging is that neither side really knows about the other side. They are shocked and appalled when they hear about things going on inside or outside the bubble. Get married at 23? Save yourself for marriage? Getting drunk? Living with a boyfriend? Gay? Hands in the air worshipping? Kids? beer pong? stay at home mom? Homeschool? Prayer? Single? Divorced? it freaks both sides out. Which one freaked you out?

I understand that Christians are not of the world. However, it saddens me and worries me that the divide between my friends is so great.


Supa Dupa Fresh said...

As a religious person (not a Christian) I'm confounded by this, too, all the time. Why are the lines so hard? Why do we care what's inside peoples' heads if their deeds are good? I know it's not simple, and I'm not innocent, but I so crave a world where we all can listen to each other.

Yes, even me.



Braddy Family said...

Hey Girly,

Read this post and felt compelled to share some thoughts. I know the bubbles you mean as I have experienced some of the same. However, I think I could have an explaination...Love the sinner, hate the sin. We are all sinners, myself the utmost...however, sin repulses me as it repulses God...I think that is a natural response when you have Gods own Holy Spirit living inside you. God hates should the Christian...but oh how He LOVES the sinner, so much that He would allow His own Son to suffer so much and die to pay for that sin. And as should we. Love that person dealing w/ sin just as Jesus did but still hate the sin itself. Afterall, its what sends people to Hell so we should hate it.