Monday, June 21, 2010

Life Sustainers Part Dos

Let me tell you about my friends from college.

I joined Campus Crusade in college and made some of the most sincere and loyal friends ever. I met "my person" in college.

Like the previous post, some of us lost touch because of distance or time. However, after HeeJ's accident they flooded my gates with love, support, comfort and prayers. My person called daily. They "get me" when I say I'm fine, but they know I'm really not. They came and cleaned my house for me. They came and decorated for Christmas. We chat weekly about SYTYCD and Glee. They share scripture with me. One wonder-woman does my hair and lets me be as crazy as I want with it!

it has been an amazing experience to have such a strong wall of friends surrounding me. God knew what He was doing when he placed me in Campus Crusade. He knew I would need them desperately.


womanNshadows said...

i am very glad you have them. a safety net of friends is a wonderful thing.

Amy Eudy said...

you are quite a blessing to your friends too you know. and you're right... God totally knew what he was in creating friendships. i'm so grateful for my joy-giving, life-sustaining, laugh-sharing, memory-making, love-me-no-matter-what friends. what would we do without them? thankful for you friend!

Braddy Family said...

I am grateful to be a friend of yours and so thankful that the Lord brought you back into my life. You are a blessing to me and I so look forward to the time we spend together coming up w/ crazy things to do to your hair!!

Heather said...

This experience definitely shows you who your friends are and I'm glad you have such great ones surrounding you.

Steven and Candi Manning said...

These pictures just make me smile. I'm praising God that these sweet friends have been so faithful to you.