Monday, July 26, 2010

HeeJun Kim Memorial Event

For a while now I have wanted to host some kind of event in HeeJun's honor to help support Campus Outreach. Specifically, I wanted to raise money to send a student to Christmas Conference. I had the big idea, but not the planning skills. Caroleen to the rescue!! Caroleen and the "family" helped plan and organize the HeeJun Kim Memorial Event to Benefit Campus Outreach! I was amazed and overwhelmed at how many people came and donated! We raised more $1050 so far! That's incredible. HeeJun would be so excited!

There was a moment that I looked through the crowd and realized these are all the people that were at the funeral. Biker friends, neighbors, church friends, childhood friends, college friends. Together again, but this time we actually had FUN!!
Brittany and I before/ after the rain!

Everyone hanging on the patio! Caroleen looking through the scrapbook.

FirePerry grilling some burgers!

The neighbors! I adore them!!!

Ali and Daniel from Christ Community looking through the scrapbook.

Carrie and Brittany on the patio.

Brandon and April

The party lasted into the wee hours!
Best quote of the night: "You have a brightness and joy you didn't have the first time I met you or even a few months ago."
Most heard quote of the night: "It's so hot!"
A big, gigantic thank you to Caroleen, Jason B and L, Fran and Perry, Chad and Brittany for organizing, planning, setting up the Pay Pal account, setting up the corn hole boards, grilling, inviting people, and making it such a fun and successful event!! I loved every minute of it!


Julie and Jim Acuna said...

So fun but so HOT!!!

Steven and Candi Manning said...

Wow, what a wonderful way to honor HeeJun! I'm so glad that things went so well and that it was such an uplifting time!

amcneely said...

I'm sorry that I couldn't be there. My Habitat family also needed me. Maybe you actually opened what I gave you today instead of tossing it like you said :b