Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Life Sustainers Part Tres

Charlotte. Ah, Charlotte. How I love my Charlotte friends.

The Married Ladies Small group that surrounded me and supported me through all of this. I've written of how incredible they are before, and I can't say it enough. They amaze me.

My work peeps. They get why I have to leave sometimes to go cry at a cemetary. They also let me laugh and distract me as much as I need.

My motorcycle gang. What, you didn't know I was in a gang? Well, not really. But some of the riders who rode with HeeJun, some that didn't even know him, but still care; they have adopted me into their family. And they are pretty fabulous. The matriarch of the family is even hosting a Memorial Event for HeeJun.

Whose drinking soda? It's me! The neighbors. Once they were just those crazy neighbors. Now they are wonderful friends.

I'm going to say it, and you may be shocked. I'm shocked that I'm about to say it. BUT I have been blessed.


amcneely said...

My heart just smiled!

Heather said...

I understand what you are saying about being blessed despite what we have been through. I think having been through such a profound loss at such a young age helps to truly appreciate the good things we have in our lives-especially the people that get us through.