Sunday, February 8, 2009

On My Mind

  • I have always had trouble sleeping. I sleep walk and talk and take showers in my sleep. Once I head-butted HeeJun in my sleep. Then I got mad at him and thought he did it. When I was little Noni used to put us to bed by saying goodnight to every body part. "Goodnight, head, Goodnight neck...". When I had trouble sleeping I would say goodnight to HeeJun's 10,000parts in my head. I memorized him. It still helps.

  • This is the last picture I took of HeeJun. He is so relaxed that he is even reading. The boy never read unless it was a magazine about motorcycles.

  • I got the "are you married" question for this first time on Thursday at work. Took me by surprise. I wasn't quite sure how to answer it. Don't worry. The kids at work answered for me. I love those goofy b$%*ards.

  • Do the "perfects" know that they are perfect? I bet they don't even realize how lucky they are...

  • I keep calling Juneau, HeeJun. Poor dog is going to have a complex. He is acting really happy and giddy today. Rolling around in the grass and enjoying the weather.

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Anonymous said...

Thinking of you, friend.