Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Every year since I have known HeeJun- since freshman year in High School, he and Matt would "host" a super bowl party. I have no idea how long they did this before I was in the picture, but it became a great tradition. Amy says she knows the story of how i spend my super bowl by heart, because I always tell it. I really loved that HeeJun had this tradition and I loved that he loved spending time with his best friend like this. They went out shopping in the morning to buy the ingredients for their secret sauce. Then they would spend all afternoon making their special wings. Every year was different. One year they baked them. Once they fried them and it was terrible. I still have a stain on the driveway from where the sauce leaked from the garbage bag onto the concrete. just imagine what the sauce did to our stomachs! even as matt's family grew, there was no question as to who we would be with for super bowl Sunday. the past two years, i think we drove back from raleigh to charlotte after the game. honestly, i can't remember any of the games or even the commercials. oh scratch that. i remember last year the giants played and i prayed they would win for matt. he needed a win that year. times like those are my favorite memories. i loved watching heejun have fun and get excited about making the secret sauce. still don't know the recipe.

on another note; Juneau the dog is sick, sick ,sick. He puked all over my carpet. Literally there is not a spot on the carpet that does not have puke on it. I spent last night at the Emergency Vet . I slept on the couch next to him in the kitchen. Nothing bad can happen to this dog right now, you hear me. Nothing.

"How many times can I break 'til I shatter?"


Amanda said...

You forgot to add the part and every year the wings got worse and worse! Can I say that? Hehe.

I remember the year we drove up w/ Caedmon and You and I went to the Outlets in SC while they made their wings.

We missed you this year. I didn't even watch the game. I bunkered down in my room and watched Spiderman w/ Caedmon.

I hope the Pup feels better soon.

Candi said...

Oh, sweet pup pup - I hope that everything is going to be okay with him.