Wednesday, April 8, 2009

bunny hop and rollerskates

PS. oops. if i had read the rest of David Jeremiah's chapter, i think my last post would not have been so...confused. But really what does hebrews 12: 5-11 mean?

today we did the bunny hop at work. you have to love a job where the most of your morning is spent racing the clock to fill eggs with candy and hide the eggs everywhere!

i keep dreaming that i am on roller skates all the time, everywhere i go. i am thinking of investing in the "Heelies" that all the kids wear. i think it's because i have been crazy busy at work running back and forth. it would be much more fun rolling back and forth i think. but i am the staff who fell from the roof (still have a scar all the way down my back) and broke both wrists playing tag. I doubt human resources would let me wear them to work.

i realized yesterday while talking on the phone with friends ( i have the greatest) that i do not count my days as bad or good anymore. they are just days. not in a depressing way, but i am going minute by minute so i don't really remember what happens during the day. i do remember walking today and just getting this overwhelming feeling of just missing HeeJun. that realization that the accident did happen, that he is not here, that this is for real. it hits like a ton of bricks for no reason. takes my breath away. even when i'm in the middle of the bunny hop.


~amy e. said...

you strike a mean pose to be a disabled person. heehee. glad that the chapter got better... and i'm glad that you're still dancing even in this season of grief. you rock girl.

amy e. said...

by the way, i've been reading some commentaries about the passage in Hebrews i mentioned and i have to admit, it has me stumped too. one commentary seemed to indicate that in context, this passage is specifically about people who are enduring persecution for their faithful witness to the Gospel... but then others are very vague and don't say either way. thanks for asking this question... i'm going to keep reading about it.

Amy said...

okay, i hope you're not annoyed by my abundance of comments. i feel the need to make up for lost time i guess :) I asked a friend of mine (who is much more well-studied than me) about the Hebrews passage and about whether all suffering is a result of discipline. this was his response:
"Is all suffering a form of discipline? No. It is possible to suffer for doing good because it is the will of God (1 Peter 2:20-21; 1 Peter 3:13-17). And if it is the will of God then it happened to glorify him in some way. All throughout scripture there are examples of people suffering, not because of doing wrong (and needing discipline), but because it was the will of God to allow the suffering or circumstance to happen and was either a test of their faith or resulted in their suffering being a great witness to those who do not believe."

i'm not sure if that's comforting or not. i'd be interested in hearing other people's opionions too.