Wednesday, January 27, 2010

May I tirade?

May I vent for a moment?

My husband worked for the bank. I have done everything I thought needed to be done to inform the bank what happened. So why do I keep getting his atm card and statements addressed to him?

Why do I still get life insurance advertisements addressed to him? For irony?

And to add insult to aching hurt, did the IRS have to address their tax statement to HeeJun Kim, DEC'D?


Jennifer M Karn said...

I just said yesterday that this year will be the first year I've ever filed a tax return as a single woman. Last year I was deeply disturbed that they wrote "deceased" all over my tax filing.

I still get life insurance advertisements in the mail addressed to Kevin. It rattles me everytime.

And, yes. You can rant all you want because you've earned it!

Take care.

Brittany said...

ME TOO!!!!!!

The life insurance thing REALLY ticks me off. I mean... hello?! Update you effing mailing list! The dude has been dead almost FOUR YEARS!

Pardon my language. That was not ladylike.
Maybe I still have some anger issues to deal with! :)