Sunday, January 3, 2010

The obligatory New Years post

Why is it that 2009 feels like it flew by, but it feels like just yesterday HeeJun and I were going for a walk around the block?

I hope that all the rest of the years i have without HeeJun fly by too. It might be that i just don't remember this year because of that whole grief thing. To quote Tara quoting me, "if there's not a picture of it, i won't remember it."

It makes me sad that there are no new pictures to post of HeeJun. Last year at New Years I posted this picture. Now, that's the same one I would post for 2010. Does that make sense? A whole year went by without new pictures of HeeJun.

Oh, don't worry. I actually had a great New Years. I spent it with an amazing family of an incredible friend. This is a friend I met through being a widow. Her husband and I knew each other in college. He went to Heaven 5 days after HeeJ. I imagine HeeJ met him and gave him a tour straight to Jesus' feet. It was so comforting and fun to be with their loving, kind and FUN family for New Years! Thanks my friends! ( I know you are reading this!!!)


daniela said...

When I first invited you over, I did not know what you were gonna say. When you accepted the invitation I was SO VERY HAPPY:)Thank you for coming,it was great having you here!Please come anytime you want!
Much love,
Daniela and Isabel

Brittany said...

I'm so glad you had fun on New Year's!

I don't know why NYE always gets to me. I am so weepy and tense... and, certainly, no fun to be around! I also hate not having someone to kiss at midnight. Boo.

Here's to a fabulous 2010!
*fingers crossed*

Love ya!

Kathie said...

It was wonderful to meet you, Erica, and I am so glad that you enjoyed your New Years are welcome in our home anytime...I pray the New Year will bring you more joy than sorrow, more sweet memories of your precious husband than sad ones and a the peace that only God can give...I am so glad that Jason had a chance to know you and thankful that we can get to know you too.