Friday, January 8, 2010

Work is a great distraction. Climbing the career ladder that I never wanted to climb.

Someone at work said "life is good" to me today. I laughed and said, "not there yet". He said "well, then you have to say it. put it out there." Boy, was he in for it. I gave him the whole "life sucks, but God is good" lecture. The life sucks part of the lecture was pretty forceful. He backed out of the room slowly in the safety stance we use at work when an angry child is coming at us with a chair to hurl at our heads.

It's funny how I can get so distracted at work and almost forget. I can drive home thinking and planning my work day. I can stress about supervising and worry that i am not doing my best. Then i remember...

work is a great distraction.

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Brittany said...

This is only funny to fellow widow! I love the mental image of him walking out, hands raised. :)

Yes, distractions are a good thing.