Sunday, January 17, 2010


Yes, my hair is pink. I love it. I'm a walking billboard to remember to do your self-breast-exam every month.

It's all for my sweet friend who is kicking cancer's ass. They won't take my hair for Locks Of Love, so I did this and matched the cost to go to a cancer research. We all wish we could make it better, don't we?

She has said that sometimes when she takes off her wig or hat, she gets stares from people. Well, at least now if she's with me, she can avoid the stares:)


Brittany said...

This is such a sweet tribute!

I am so touched by this, and pink is my favorite color! Your eyes look shockingly blue, too! :)

The Barbee Family said...

Love this, absolutely unequiviqually LOVE this. Awesome, Amazing and Beautiful!!

Emily said...

hands're awesome!