Sunday, August 30, 2009

Doctors and Getting Scrappy

Dark Note: I finally mustered up the courage to go to the yearly doctor's appointment that every woman has to go to. Who wants to do that? Of course, they sit me in the same exam room where we found out I had miscarried. Of course. I sat in the same chair where HeeJun sat when Dr. B told us the news. Of course. Dr. B came in and immediately gave me a real hug (when she told me I was pregnant years ago, I thought she was leaning in for a hug, but she was really trying to check my lymph nodes or whatever...awkward). She cried with me. Sweet doctor. Now I can check that off my list.

Night Light Note: Amory had the awesome idea for me to host a Scrapbook Party with my friends and have them help me with HeeJ's memory book. Incredible. I can not express to you how comforting and FUN it was to sit with these "life sustainers" and have them really caring and helping me make the book beautiful. They were way more creative that I could ever be and made some spectacular pages. It was very therapeutic to be able to answer "hey, what is going on in this picture, where were you in this, when did you go there" questions. Oh my goodness, the book is going to rock! They each signed their page! I am so grateful to have these amazing woman in my life.

Stay Tuned: There may be a new four legged friend in my future....


Brittany said...

What a fun party!
You are blessed to have such great girlfriends.

My first "lady's appointment" (after my hubs died) did not do as well as yours did. Actually, it was just awful!
I broke the news to him, then he told me my blood pressure was up. Really?! Well, duh!
During the exam, he wanted to chat about the details of his death.
Um, hello? If I can not see your eyes, and my "parts" are on display, how 'bout we keep the conversation casual?!

Needless to say, I have not been back to see him.
I'm SO glad yours went better!!! :)

womanNshadows said...

i'm glad your doctor's appointment is over. and the photo of your scrapbook party shows the laughter and closeness you have with all your friends. i'm glad you have so many "life sustainers" to help you through all of this.

Anonymous said...

Love this idea! So glad you're having help with an overwhelming but great and therapeutic project.