Monday, August 3, 2009

Kids and widows are funny

When I first went back to work most of the kids knew what had happened and why I was out for a while. Some were kind and compassionate (shocker if you know the kinds of kids I work with), some were scared that it would happen to them, and some said the cutest things; "did you find your husband, i heard you lost him? Do you need help finding your husband?"

The kids still "spread the rumor" to new students and every once in a while I get a child trying to ask me in a round-about way what happened. Last week and today the kids have been in rare form. They are probably hearing their staff talk about me or share that the year anniversary is this month. I have had 5 kids ask me "where's your husband, are you married, or is that a wedding ring?" Usually when one asks, i will say my husband is in Heaven. If they are younger I say that it is not something they need to worry about. If they are older they usually ask what happened and I use discernment if they can handle it or not. Usually there is a "know-it-all" kid around that will kindly jump in and tell them everything they know. It actually cracks me up to watch them try to figure out how to ask me and try to figure out what this means. My kids are hilarious. Fricking hilarious.

I am slowly figuring out that there are some things one just shouldn't say around people who "don't get it". I can freak people out pretty quickly.

Example 1; I printed out these Widow Cards and I pull them out whenever I am late or messy or acting weird. It freaks some people out.

Example 2; There is a video floating around You Tube of a wedding party dancing down the aisle. I told a couple people that if I ever do that again, i would dance down the aisle to "I wanna make love right now, now, yeah". Yep, kinda makes people uncomfortable.

But it makes me laugh and that's all that matters.


amy eudy said...

#2 example is why you are quickly becoming one of my favorite people on the planet. hahahahahahahaha. i'm pretty sure they could make a great reality tv show about some of your work experiences. so glad you're finding ways to keep on laughing. heejun would love that i bet. you're in lots of my prayers this week.

Anonymous said...

1) so funny. some of the widower ones i could see as being applicable so you may have to use some of those and scratch off the "er"
2) i would totally cheer for that.

ps hope you got my message (on fb which i do not prefer as my messaging since i often forget to reply if i read at another time so maybe that happened to you too)
pps hope the conference was great and uplifting!
ppps thinking of you lots.

Brittany said...

You are precious!

Thanks for making ME laugh tonight! :)

Joan said...

Dancing down the aisle to "I wanna make love right now now now" made me laugh a lot! That sounds like a plan :)

And the kids always have a way of finding things even if we try really hard to cover it up.

Tell everyone at AYN i say hello. I miss everyone

Supa Dupa Fresh said...

Widows are funny. What do we have to lose by shocking a couple more people? Our very existence serves as a freaky reminder of mortality to those who would prefer to ignore it.

So, bring it on, babe! Hot music and rude jokes.

I almost feel like I should smoke cigars, too.

Nah. Trying to blend in a bit, at least when I'm not wearing the Supahero cape (



Split-Second Single Father said...

I can completely relate. Most of my current kids know, but I'm starting a new job soon and I'll have to explain it many times over. Thanks for making me laugh. I'll be sure to relate my experiences if I too should make anyone uncomfortable!

Miri Rossitto said...

It is so interesting to see how different kids react to loss, whether it is someone close to them or not. I'd be curious what you thought of our new ebook on children and grief ( It sounds like you have interacted with kids that ran the spectrum of response.

Caring thoughts,
Miri Rossitto
Valley of Life