Wednesday, September 3, 2008

7% of HeeJun

The other day, a wonderful and lovely friend commented to me that by reading this blog, she realized she just knew about 7% of HeeJun. This reminded me of HeeJun's ringtone- Remember the Name, by Fort Minor.
"This is ten percent luck, twenty percent skill. Fifteen percent concentrated power of will. Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain. And a hundred percent reason to remember the name!"

HeeJun is 75% silliness and 25% seriousness. He loved to be goofy and silly. He would run and tackle me when I was grumpy and just make me laugh. I would try so hard to not laugh or smile, but I always failed. I remember the day in my sophomore year in high school that I thought to myself "this guy is someone I would like to get to know better". I had just dropped him off at his house after I long and grueling study session. I was all stressed about the stupid test the next day and he walked off down his driveway sa-shaying and skipping like a goof. He loved watching dancing shows, especially 'So You Think You Can Dance'. He loved putting the dances in slow motion and cracking up as I tried desperately to learn the moves! I loved to make him laugh and sometimes was surprised at the things that would make him burst out into hysteria!

He was also very serious and introspective. He was always trying to learn and better himself. He took so much pride in his career and doing a job well done.
HeeJun 100% individual. He prided himself on being an individual. The biggest reason I fell for him in high school was because he never cared what people thought about him and just did his own thing. At parties, he just wanted to play cards with his buddies, rather than participate in the awkward peer pressure and cliquey-ness. He did not drink until he was 21 and even then decided it was not worth it. He didn't care if he was different and sought to be an individual in all aspects of his life, from the kinds of roses he brought me (always weird colors) to painting out kitchen FLAMING yellow to seeking Jesus daily.

HeeJun 100% a man who enjoyed life to the fullest. He do whatever it took to have fun. He followed the "Wedding Crashers" Rule # 76 No Excuses, Play Like A Champion. He loved going to movies, going out to eat, and just having fun. He loved playing computer games. I still hear the pows and bangs of Wolfenstein in my head daily! If it meant having fun, he had no limits; which is one of the reasons he shelled out mucho dinero to go to Alaska in July. He loved going on vacations: San Fransisco, Charleston, Bora Bora, Nova Scotia, New Orleans...

HeeJun was 110% a Motorcycle Maniac! I knew he loved it, almost to an obsession. I am only just learning now how much other riders admired and loved him. He strived to learn all he could about riding and become the best rider he could be. His riding buddies have shared with me how much fun he was on rides and how much he taught them. Here are some posts he shared:

red_6 said: my 2 Cents
The way I see it crashing is part of the game. Crashing b/c you were playing keep up or ridng over your head or doing something stupid is one thing but even if you arent doing that, crap happends. wear the gear. just because you are riding slow doesnt mean someone cant crash into you or there isnt oil on the ground for whatever reason and the list goes on and on. if you cant take on crashing as part of riding you should find something else to do b/c the odds are against you. Even the very experience riders have gone down. wear gear and keep a level head

That post shook me up a bit. HeeJun was a very safe rider. Even the trooper stated that he had never seen such a tragic crash from some one who was wearing head to toe safety gear. He also wrote a long post on how much he had learned and how excited he was to learn more.
"can't wait to 2009! Head need to come down a bit more and I would like to be leaning off a bit more. The important thing is to continue to work on your skills. Having pictures def help when looking back through the years. I like comparing my first picture to the latest._________________~ HeeJun

He loved riding, didn't matter if it was on a track or on a mountain ride.

The Estate lawyer told me today he has had 6 bikes! We once had a cruiser, 2 sports bikes and a corvette in our garage!

He was 100% a man who loved his family with an uncommon Joy. He admired his parents and wanted to be strong and loving like his father. He was proud that he could support them and thank them for all they had sacrified for him. He loved loved loved his sister. They had a relationship and bond that was unlike any other I have seen. I prayed that my own children would be as close as they are.

He was 110% a lover, follower and believer in Jesus Christ. He accepted Christ in college and pursued a closer and deeper relationship with him daily. He did not want to be a hypocrite and did not take his Faith in Jesus lightly. I adored this about him. I admired his faith and his yearning to know Christ more. He enjoyed the teachings and reading of John Piper and believed "God is most glorified when we are most satisified in Him". HeeJun was SATISFIED in Christ.

I miss him. My heart aches for him.


Anonymous said...

This is a really lovely post. Thanks for sharing little bits of him with us, Erica.

Lonnie Bateman said...

hey Erica - I want to encourage you ... I admire where you are today from where you have been. I don't think I would be as good as you are today. Keep writing/blogging, it will do you good. Pray every day!
You have friends at the Giggles - I may not know you and Jeejun - I am sorry for that but that does not mean we don't love you.... stay plugged in and God will provide the support system you need with Him being the foundation.
Never forget that there are many who love you and are willing to do whatever - just have the courage to ask.
Continued prayers,