Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I hate roller coasters

HeeJun took me to Kings Dominion the summer before we left for college. I freaked out the second I saw the sign on the highway that said "Welcome to Kings Dominion". I panicked in the parking lot. I rememeber HeeJun walking ahead of me, willing me to follow him and I was crying. I hate roller coasters. I hate the feeling you get in your stomach while riding. But I followed HeeJun and I rode every ride. I still hate roller coasters.

I write this because I feel like I am on a roller coaster. I know it's such a cliche, but it such a perfect representation of my emotions. One minute I am o.k, the next; a mess. After writing the last post, I went downstairs to watch Desperate Housewives. Completely lost it. Over Desperate Housewives. Seriously?! I guess I was holding a lot in after talking with friends and getting free therapy. Just one little poke from Bree opened the flood gates.

It snowed today. Last time it snowed in Charlotte, I made HeeJun go out and get the newspaper after church. 5 miles from home and we slid into another car. We waited for hours on the side of the rode just a couple miles from home for a police car. I realized while driving to work today, that it was the first time I have driven in the snow alone. I have always had him to rely on. Note to self; It's not very safe to lose it while driving through snow.

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