Thursday, March 5, 2009

Caeder Potater

Oh, there goes my heart. This is Caedmon;Amanda and Matt's son. Matt was HeeJ's best friend since as long as I can remember. Matt and Pablo. Two friends HeeJun always knew would be his friends. Caedmon's sister, Savannah is our God-daughter. Caed was the first baby HeeJun actually held. He always said he felt like holding someone else's baby was like letting someone drive his corvette. and he would never let someone drive his corvette. he also always said that the first baby he wanted to hold would be his own. i remember laughing when matt tricked HeeJun and just plopped Caed on his lap while he was over at the house. Oh, I wish HeeJun had been able to hold a baby of his own. HeeJun really liked Caedmon, especially as he got older. HeeJun liked hearing him talk and walk.

So, in this picture Caedmon is holding a picture of his Daddy, Richard, and HeeJun in their SHS football uniform. He has no idea how sweet he is being!


The Barbee Family said...

Heejun said the corvette thing about Amelia Grace. You 21 were the only one's from WCC to come visit us at our home. I will never forget that, and how happy it made us. I will always be thankful for that and your kindness. Loves to you

The Barbee Family said...

Leighann was holding Levi and meant you 2. :) I'll never forget that day either. I appreciated Heej a whole lot. I'll never forget him, he was so funny and trully kind. Your friend- Jason