Monday, March 23, 2009

I miss the Me I was with Us

I had a day off today since I spent all weekend at work helping a volunteer group create a HUGE garden for my kids. Of course, I slept in until noon-ish, but then I blared the music and decided to tackle some projects head on. I gave Juneau a much needed bath, took him for a walk and we tried to run. One day I will tackle this "devour everything in my path" emotional eating habit I have developed. But for right now, "I do me", as one of my kids said.

I tookk my car in to the shop because right after getting the brakes done (not pocket change) the Service Engine Light came on. Of course! But the guy was nice ( i think) and i hope hope hope he didn't take advantage of my lack of automobile knowledge. He laughed at me when i told him i can't get the front door unlocked anymore without having to climb through the back to unlock it. He said "why don't you use your key?" uh...but i want to use the remote.

so onto the big tackle job. i just finished and my emotions are not as wacked out as i thought they would be. i decided to organize the closet and get some of shirts Sarah is going to sew into a blanket or pillow in a box to be mailed. (THANKS SARAH!) I also moved my wedding dress and Korean wedding dress into the loft. I have a large trunk that I am going to put all of the important stuff in one day. Maybe one day I will sell the wedding dress...maybe. it would be the economical thing to do, right? But to hell with economics, it's a memory.

I have also decided I want to put all of the notes and pictures and memories into a scapbook of some sort. Any ideas how to put 4 years of high school memories, 4 years of college memories, and 5 years of marriage memories in a scrap book. I found some great letters that we wrote to each other. Even some emails I had printed out. I found myself laughing at them and smiling at the pictures. My heart hurt, but the love outweighed the pain this time. Here are the pix that stood out...


Jessie said...

I loved this post... I felt so much love and bravery when I read it. I'm so proud of you and I miss you like crazy!!

Brittany said...

I love the pictures! Your hunky hubby looks like a really cool guy. :)

With all of the letters and photos that you have, you might want to consider digital scrapbooking. You can even have it printed, bound, and made into a beautiful book (check out and

I am enjoying reading your thoughts and memories.

Anonymous said...

What a great post! It sounds like you also accomplished a lot today!

I agree with Brittany. I use snapfish but have seen other sites and I think they have great options for putting together a scrapbook. You can add captions to your pages, create collages for the pictures you don't want to leave out but don't necessarily need a caption, and do something different for every page if you wanted. They also look supernice and I think would be something you would enjoy. You can also just log onto the websites and play around with stuff and see what you'd like. They have lots of cool stuff and will basically do it all for you (sometimes scrapbooking is such a big task that it takes me forever to get started on even just sorting stuff or a page but this makes it easy). :)

Amory said...

Erica, I wanna help with the scrapbook if you want me to. I love doing that stuff. Just let me know and we can work on it. And, my favorite picture is the second one. :)

Split-Second Single Father said...

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