Monday, March 9, 2009

Ode to Gabby

The best dog in the whole wide world passed away this weekend. My parents' bought Gabby when I was a senior in high school. The advertisement for her said "mom; black Labrador, dad; dirty, rotten, scoundrel". I remember I was over at HeeJun's house and my parents called to tell me to come over and meet the new puppy. HeeJun loved Gabby. He was ridiculously allergic, but he loved blowing in her ears and playing with her. He loved taking her for walks and letting her off leash. He always said that she liked him more because "they had an understanding". He gave her freedom. When we would come home to visit, she would always go to him first. She looked for him for quite a while after...all this. I remember one walk where he let her go off leash and then he jumped behind a bush to hide. When Gabby turned around and saw that he was gone, she ran back so quickly! It was almost as if you could see her saying "uh-oh, I lost them. Where'd they go, where'd they go?"

My poor parents had to watch her get more and more sick. They were there when the vet put her down. I know she is just a dog, but she was family. I loved my Gabby-girl!


Candi said...

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear about sweet Gabby. Dogs are so much a part of the family - I'm sure it had to be difficult for your folks to say goodbye. I love the pics you shared.

Anonymous said...

:( She'd really grown with your family so no, not silly! That's so sweet your memories of her and him. I know it must have been hard to face her so often with her little confused face. I'm sorry.

I do, however, love your face in the picture near the top of you and HeeJun with her. He's so intent and giving her so much attention and you're enjoying the moment :) See you soon, friend!

Amanda said...

Oh no, not Sweet Gabby. Whose toys will the kids play with now? I'm sorry to hear about Gabby!

Jessie said...

E, I'm so sorry about Gabby. I know what a huge part of the family a dog is. I know it's not the same, but I'm glad you've got Juneau with you.