Monday, March 2, 2009

S'now way Jose.

God knew I needed a snow day. I just needed an emotional and mental break. I needed to sleep in and work from home in my PJ's. I needed to take Juneau on long walks to clear my head. Not that anything really overwhelming and stressful happened. I just needed a break. I needed to sit with my pictures and HeeJ's journal and just remember.

Some thoughts this week...

  • ABC could have warned me about Brother's and Sister's! I mean for real! First Ghost Whisperer, now Kitty! Geez.

  • Went to A's baby shower. Do you think she will mind if I just live vicariously through her? I held it together for the shower and pretty much attached myself to D's adorable daughter (can't cry when you're holding a baby), but on the way home it hit me. I also was on Benadryl this weekend and it made me all groggy and "watery".

  • I got to have lunch with a huge group on my old Campus Crusade friends and their hubbies and babies. It is so comforting and warming to be around old friends. I can't explain why. Sometimes it is hard to see happy and joyful people. but most of the time it is just good to see old friends. It's like a reminder that I once didn't feel this way. watery, watery.

  • In church on Sunday, K was saying sometimes painful, horrible hurt will happen, but God will use that to transform and make things whole again. I hope so. I hope that this pain, that B's hurt, and O and A's hurt will be transformed one day to bring them closer to Jesus. I just can't imagine that now. i can't imagine anything beyond this ache. Also, it was the first time i took communion. watery watery woo.

  • "We do not want to lose our grief (we don't want time to heal), because our grief is bound up with our love and we could not cease to mourn without being robbed of our affections. Perhaps the grief and the love will always be wedded to each other to some degree, like two sides of a coin. But maybe after a while, when we flip the coin, it will almost always be the love that turns up on top".- Daily Meditation

  • "Again rises from the heart of suffering the ancient cry, O God, why? O God, How long? And the cry is met with silence- Jim Cotter- Some days we seem to be managing well, confident we can face the future. There are other days- and nights- when we feel utterly abandoned, left in a dark room alone, when the universe seems a vast and unfriendly place. It is hard to remember that we ever felt any other way, or believe that we will ever feel better again. While there are things we can do to be ready for a brighter time- rest, eat properly, read, pray, talk with people- the prevailing wisdom seems to be that such dark nights are simply to be endured, waited out. They will not last forever. And one day- perhaps, as a surprise- we will realize the cloud has been lifted." So, there is hope, huh?

  • My dog loves snow. So much that he thinks it's fun to hump the snow. Unacceptable!

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Anonymous said...

Ohmygosh! Way to save the comment about Juneau til last. That's hilarious, and I love your "Unacceptable."